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Tricks to Improving Your Adwords Performance in 2018

Crush Your Adwords Campaigns With This Small Tweak min 620x315 - Tricks to Improving Your Adwords Performance in 2018

Crush Your Adwords Campaigns With This Small Tweak min - Tricks to Improving Your Adwords Performance in 2018

Today’s brand managers cannot even dream of ignoring digital marketing tools. With almost all of their target market functional online in terms of research, queries and product reviews, they turn to powerful marketing platforms such as Google Adwords to obtain maximum marketing campaign results.

It is the preferred program of its kind and is a magnificent channel to enhance your brand’s virtual footprint. After all, it is the year 2018 and whether you are considering launching your first pay per click advertising campaign or seeking ways to increase your existing Adwords strategy outcome, with this in mind the team over at Summon Digital have put together a list of effectual tips that will help you achieve just that.

  1. Familiarise Yourself with the New Dashboard

Yes, it can be frustrating. Just when you become a Google Adwords guru, the search engine giant goes ahead and completely changes its dashboard. A task that would take you less than five minutes will now take you five times more the amount of time because you have to figure your way around the new interface. Google has been gradually changing its UX and has left a lot of Adword users agitated. It is still a work in progress and requires some getting used to. We advise that you just dive in and get to know it as well as you can. Familiarise yourself and make yourself comfortable with using the new UX design. That will help you design more effective Adwords campaigns in 2018 and understand the enhancements that Google has incorporated and hwo you can utilise them. Features such as additional filtering suggestions, advanced bid adjustment choices, bundling variant campaigns and better graphs are now at your disposal.

  1. Gain Adword Audience Expertise

Google Adwords is a complicated, intricate platform that will permit you to segment your target customer at every possible level of your campaign. You can test the effectiveness of your advertisements by showing different versions of it to diverse customer groups. For instance, in-market groups will link with online viewers who have demonstrated the intent to procure the product in question. This is performed via an intense, comprehensive analysis of a user’s browser history to predict when he is more likely to make the purchase.

Experimentation is super important to retargeting consumer segments, optimising campaigns with in-market groups, and other interested audiences. Allocate a small budget to each test ad so you can figure out which equation works best for you. Do not test blindly but take a structured approach where you test specific variables to help you analyse the ad’s performance.

  1. Benefit from Tracking Your Conversions

If you are able to figure out the technical set up, Google Adwords is smart enough to track all kinds of conversions related to your commercial venture. If you wish to gain the best results possible in the current year, we advise you to figure this out. You can differentiate between calls made from your website, online form completions, tracking of profit and revenue, and other features allow you to monitor your conversions. You will be able to see which elements of your Adwords campaign need further improvement and which are successfully bringing in your target market.

      4. Apply all Available Ad Extensions

As a digital marketer, you will be able to reap into the benefits of each unique advertising extension accessible on Google Adwords. With time, the marketing giant has become smarter at improving its ad dynamism. Customize each feature to meet the requirements of your Adwords campaign. Such personalised ads tend to generate higher click through ratios, rank higher on search engine result pages and have better quality scores overall. The setup is quick and will yield productive results. a lot of companies tend to skip this step and then suffer the consequences. Do not be one of them!

  1. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Digital marketers have developed a tendency to spend a lot of money on Adwords via keywords. Google has not defined any hard or fast rules to how best select keywords nor how does it match keywords with actual typed in search queries. It is natural to go for those keywords that will generate the highest volume of clicks. Yet one thing all digital marketers and brand managers must learn is that with Google Adwords, it is not about quantity – yet the quality of the keyword that resonates with the powerful advertising platform.

Google Adwords permits you to allocate each key term as a broad match, phrase match, exact match and broad match with a modifier. If you choose broad match, it will allow you to bring in the most amount of clicks as it allows Google to interpret your keywords in multiple sorts of search queries.

However, remember that an exact match has the opposite impact. It will only show your ad if an exact search term has been typed in. It was only last year that Google allowed simple and common spelling mistakes to be accounted for in this medium.

In order to maximise Google Adword campaigns in the year 2018, you must be able to achieve an ideal balance between match types, exact matches and depend mostly on phrase matches.

  1. Keyword Copy Match

Put keywords in the headline of your advertising copy. When you are crafting compelling copy for your Google Adwords campaign, do not only focus on highlighting your product benefits.

Take out the time to do your homework and research what words people type in when they are looking for a solution to which your product is an answer. Using such keywords in your headlines will generate higher click through ratios.

Try to use more conversational action driven words in your ad content. It is essential to write from a customer’s perspective and in a manner that will attract his attention. Do not write from your company’s viewpoint. Incorporate the “you” tone of voice and you will see a huge difference in your Google Adword results. Not only that, it will have a positive impact on your sales too.



5 Benefits of Investing in Tangible Promotional Items

braviant holdings office 620x315 - 5 Benefits of Investing in Tangible Promotional Items

braviant holdings office - 5 Benefits of Investing in Tangible Promotional Items

There are many different ways through which you can promote your business and your products, and while it may be tempting to do all of your marketing online in this day and age, there’s still a surprising amount of worth left in spreading the word through physical promotional products and free gifts – particularly as people will always enjoy receiving a gift or two, no matter how small they are!

From calendars to stationery and even allowin, why is it that these products still do so well to connect with audiences all over the world?  Let’s take a look at five big reasons why you should almost certainly still be investing in tangible advertising.

Let People Know Who You Are

You can talk about your business, what you do and what you stand for until you’re blue in the face – but physical promotional material does all that for you, and what’s more, the impression sticks with the receiver longer (we’ll look at this aspect in our next point).

Whether you’re leading with branded office stationery, glossy and impressive business cards or if you’re simply letting the world know who you are through a personalised lanyard (P.S we use Digital ID for ours ) – it’s important to let your products do the talking.

The Reminder Factor

Basic advertising is fleeting – once you’ve seen a commercial online or on TV, you may be able to recall a product or brand quite well – but when you’re actively using a branded promotional item each and every day, the recall factor goes through the roof.

Branded calendars and office stationery are a great way for you to advertise to people each and every minute of their working day – every time they go to use a notepad with your name on it, they’re reminded that you exist.  It’s a great way to keep advertising without having to put constant effort in.  Consider any promotional pens or stationery you may use on a regular basis – you’re likely very able to recall the names and brands you come across on a daily basis without even realizing it

Clients Love Free Gifts

Breeding loyalty from your clients is a sensitive process, though one thing is for certain – everyone loves getting something for free.  Studies have reportedly found that brand loyalty tends to be higher when free items or promotional gifts are offered out, and what’s more, they’re a great way to both start a conversation and to inspire long-term contact.

Promotional items are valued and are highly sought-after – and what’s more, you’re going to appear incredibly generous from the get-go.  This will go a long way when it comes to individual loyalty – and, of course, brand recall.  Everyone loves a freebie – and you may well be missing out if you’re not monopolising on the fact.

It’s Cost-Effective

Millions of us pump millions into marketing each and every year – it’s as big online now as it is on the high street and on traditional media, meaning that social media, for example, is now demanding even more of our promotional money.  Branded merchandise, however, is still just as effective in inspiring loyalty and brand recall – as discussed – and what’s more, pound for pound, impressions will cost you much, much less than an expansive media campaign.

As mentioned, the likelihood of continued interaction with your clients effectively allows physical merchandise to pay for itself – while this type of advertising and promotion is far more passive than direct, it’s thought that branding promotional items for the purpose of marketing is more cost-effective as well as more loyalty-inspiring.

Word of Mouth

Who’s to say that the promotional items you give away will remain with the person you offer them out to?  Everyone needs a pen, occasionally – and this means that, once again, the marketing really effectively pays for itself.  Every time a pen or branded item with your name and branding on is shared to somebody new, that’s your brand being advertised to a whole new market – a whole new potential client.

Making these sorts of leads can be tricky in traditional marketing unless you genuinely know what you’re doing, but promotional item marketing couldn’t be easier – by branding useful, everyday items, you’re likely to reach a wider variety of people on a passive, yet effective basis.  The power, ultimately, lies with them to get in touch with you – and that, for a lot of people, is extraordinarily effective.


Nurture for the Future: How to Grow Your Business into Big Business

Nurture for the Future How to Grow Your Business into Big Business 620x315 - Nurture for the Future: How to Grow Your Business into Big Business

Businesses often come and go, but there is the select cream of the crop that creates stories and legends just by successfully keeping their investment going. It’s not as complicated as people may think; businesses survive because of the best practices their owners emulate from other people.

What best practices are these? Here, we break down what makes successful ventures different from the ones who are left looking from the outside.


Convince your Market even further

You think of your business as a service first and foremost; as something to provide profit second. Therefore, you’ll always be looking for a way to attract new customers. However, if you’re just starting out, it may be more profitable on your end to entice your existing customers to buy more products from you instead of looking for new customers. You can always do that when you’re more established.


Invest in Innovation

People always get attracted to new and shiny things. If your product is similar to thousands out on the market, a way to separate yourself would be to become unique. Your way to that path may be through innovation. Improvements can separate your product to similar competition and, in return, provide more service to your customers and better feedback for your company.


Go Out and Introduce yourself

Trade shows may be a good way to introduce your brand as well as show new products to existing customers. These shows usually attract a lot of people. If you do it right, some of your poor-selling products may see a general upturn when you introduce them here. The only thing you need to know is that you should choose trade shows that your market frequently flocks to.


Branch out through Franchising

One of the most popular models for expanding your business is through franchising. This may be through licensing your name or giving owners a share in your company. However, the idea is to spread your name through owners and assets. This is perfect for food products or establishments that offer services to an existing market.


Create a diverse portfolio of services

If you find your business growing and you can afford to branch out to several different services, by all means, go for it. Diversifying your services into different niches is a big way of creating more awareness and, through that, more profit for your business. The thing here is when one branch isn’t performing, another can pick up the slack.

The big idea here, finally, is to create a business that won’t become a flash in the pan. Businesses often fail because their owners fail to be imaginative. As long as you’ve got a basic idea of where to bring your business, you won’t fall victim to stagnancy that leads to your business’ demise.

Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for

Updated 620x315 - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for

It’s quite an exciting time to be alive now. With each year, technology just seems to grow faster. It was only some years ago when cellphones and smartphones were introduced and it seems a better, faster model comes out each year. If this is true, the same must also be happening for tech trends and how they are applied in business.

In the world of tech, it’s either you evolve or you’re left behind. Here now are some of the trendsexpected to become reality this year.


A Trillion Dollars

A Trillion Dollars - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
The only mark that is left to surpass for most businesses is the trillion dollar mark. It isn’t as easy to make it as it is to spend it—ask government. Tech titans like Apple or Google—the Fortune 500 crowd—are predicted to make the breach sooner rather than later this year. The question to ask is who gets to the finish line first, so to speak? This marks a more powerful presence for these corporate giants.


A Powerful Computer

A Powerful Computer - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
It has long been joked that 2018 and beyond will see the rise of AI powerful enough to pose a threat just like the fictional SkyNet did. While personal computers are displaying the growth of power in that sector, business supercomputers are predicted to have more computing power than they currently have. Expect people


Flying Cars

Flying Cars - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
Electric, efficient cars have slowly made their mark on the general motoring scene in 2017. In 2018, it’s expected that the next leap will be to create the first flying car. Of course, new rules will have to be made as cars take to the skies, what with Dubai reported to be leading the race with the introduction of their alleged flying taxi service. Even now, competitors are testing out their models to see who takes the figurative and literal first leap.


Younger Politics

Younger Politics - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took headlines as the face of a new generation leading the charge in taking important positions that shape global trends. While he isn’t the first to do so, he certainly won’t be the last. Business is also expected to grow younger—Mark Zuckerberg as the head of social media giant Facebook is only the beginning.


Dynamic Business Models

Dynamic Business Models - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
The recent years have seen a trend pointing toward traditional platform-only business models becoming obsolete. The success of ride-sharing company Uber and Grab, for that matter, as well as AirBnB has seen to that. In the future, expect more companies to adapt to the changing of times—smarter, more efficient ways of business making may make their mark on the landscape as early as next month.

This is how business is shaping up. More efficient models mean more profit; more techsmean more money coming in. How business will look like in the coming years is still up in the air, but its progress surely is exciting to watch.

Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest

Old News 620x315 - Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest

It’s 2018, and we are living in a time when most business strategies are new. However, some things remain that have worked for a lot of years. These have earned the right to still be used due to their effectiveness.

Then, there are those strategies that are so bad; they should be burned at the stake.

It’s 2018, and these things are still around. It’s time to bury them and leave them behind with the old year.


Nope: Old Ways of Creating Reviews

Old Ways of Creating Reviews - Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest
When you’re buying something, you’d want to check out whether that product or service is worth buying. To do this, you’re going to take a look at reviews and what people say about the product. However, some scrupulous marketers have found a way to create fake reviews in a way of shameless self-promotion. This shouldn’t be around and, yet, it’s found a way to persist.

Nope: Blackhat Automation

Blackhat Automation - Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest
In the old days, just about anyone with a computer and a few fancy words could create awareness about their website. By backlinking—or better yet, automated backlinking—they could divert attention back to their website with every little effort. The algorithms may have changed today to become stricter, but, back in the day, they were all over doing Black Hat tactics.


Nope: Keywords like there’s no Tomorrow

Keywords like theres no Tomorrow - Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest
It’s just an eyesore. Even today, content persists that make no sense because keywords are just stuffed in there without thought to clear, concise writing. In today’s Google, content like this can still manage to pass through. However, people are attracted to content that flows naturally, not to content that looks like they’ve been forced. Learn to create natural, free-flowing articles.


Nope: Pinning Hope on Guest Posts

Pinning Hope on Guest Posts - Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest
Requesting to post content on a blog—commonly known as guest posting—is like sending a message in a bottle. There are marketers who create entire letters and even hire teams to create those letters for them. This should just stop and, instead, you should focus on paying attention to what you write and to authority blogs in your niche. By working accurately, you learn to create authority yourself, and before you know it, they’ll be asking you to post a blog.


Nope: Not Automating

Not Automating - Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest
Automation here means automation in the right areas. You should keep everything related to writing and producing quality content on manual. If, however, you need to post content, you should leave the promotion on sites like Facebook and Twitter to automation. It will take some load off your work and it would also give your readers time to read new content as they are made.

Another year means another new time to innovate. A lot of discoveries have been made, although some remain to be effective. Weeding out old strategies and trying out some new ones is the key for staying in the game.

you need a marketing plan 5331e4059d4d8 w1500 - Old News: Marketing Strategies You Should give a Rest
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Office Gadgets That Every Startup Should Have!

image2 620x315 - Office Gadgets That Every Startup Should Have!

image2 - Office Gadgets That Every Startup Should Have!

When starting a new business, you need the right tools to help you carry out your day-to-day activities. If you do not organize these activities well enough, running the business may become daunting and hard.

Therefore, it takes a lot of planning to make sure your business is headed in the right direction which will lead to success and the steady growth of your business.

Since it is a startup, you will need to purchase things like office furniture such as chairs and desks, and equipment and supplies that you will use each and every day to help you run your business smoothly.

There are gadgets every startup must have to give them a boost in the market. These gadgets help in reducing time wastage and in facilitating proper use of company resources.

If you want to make working easier for yourself and your employees, then you should buy these gadgets. Sometimes, most new business owners fear that they will spend all their capital in buying these gadgets and that may lead to their failure.

Therefore, you will find most offices are bare, with only a chair and a desk to their name. Let’s look at how these gadgets impact a startup and why you should strive to get them.

Notebooks and Tablets

Even if you have desktop and laptop computers in your office, having these two gadgets is very essential. You can use them to access your documents wherever you are and at any time of day.

You can even stay in touch with your employees at the comfort of your home and to stay up-to-date on the on goings of your business. Due to their size, you can carry them around which is more efficient. You can even send a common message to your employees using these gadgets concerning the operations of your business.

Therefore, these two gadgets help in saving the time that could be used in carrying out some activities without them. Also, they are very convenient and do not require a lot of maintenance.


These days, it is a requirement for everyone to have a smartphone. Smartphones help people stay connected from anywhere and at any time. Most startups give their employees smartphones to enable communication between them and their clients.

You should enable the use of certain applications such as Dropbox, where your employees can access shared documents using a similar account. Also, provide your employees’ contact information in case a client may want to reach out for an inquiry on a product you are selling. Using smartphones, all this is made easier.

Wireless Router

For you to use the gadgets above effectively, you will need to have them connected to the internet. Using a wireless router, the activities in the office will be done to completion without any hindrances.

Almost every task requires an internet connection. Whether it’s sending an email to a client or updating the file system of the computers or downloading the applications you will need.

Make sure you buy the best wireless router in the market for your office and you will see how this will improve your business.

The Cloud

For those who do not know what the cloud is, it is an unlimited online storage where you can store your files and access them. Most companies use hard drives to store their data and any other information they may use. However, hard drives eventually get filled up and they may even get lost.

This may lead to the loss of information that may be crucial to the running of a business. In the cloud, your information is always safe and you can update the information as often as you like.

You can easily back up all your information on the cloud and access it on your phone at the comfort of your home. Make sure you connect your file system to your cloud to make the operations of your business a lot easier.

Portable Printers

Most people never notice the role printers play in an office. Every startup should have one of the best portable printer in the market.

You will require documents such as application forms or inquiry forms for clients to fill. If you do not have a printer it will inconvenience the business operations. Also, your employees can print out different documents from the comfort of the office without having to outsource them from neighboring offices.

However, the best portable photo printers are a bit expensive. Therefore, budget your capital well enough to accommodate this gadget. It is worth every penny.

USB Hubs

When you need to transfer large amounts of data at the same time, you may require USB flash drives. However, as many as you may have, they may be required ever so often. Therefore, purchase USB hubs to be connected to every computer in the office.

They have multiple slots where you can connect your portable printer, your smartphone and even your router all at the same time. This will save a lot of time and ensure data transfer is efficiently completed.

Portable Projector

Sometimes, new opportunities present themselves at the most unexpected moments. Therefore, you have to be ready to present your business idea to budding investors.

You will need to have a portable projector which you can use anywhere even at home. This can be used by all of your employees as it is very easy to set up and to use. This will help you gain more business connections, therefore, grow your business.

There are so many more gadgets that a business will require but these are the most effective and useful. Therefore, every business owner should realize their potential and how these gadgets will impact the growth of your business.

Take these gadgets to be investments that will pay off eventually which means you have to be very patient and let your business grow. Research how major companies in the same line of your business, use their equipment to reap benefits.

The Benefits of Out-Sourcing Businesses Security

Universal commercial security 1024x731 620x315 - The Benefits of Out-Sourcing Businesses Security

Universal commercial security 1024x731 - The Benefits of Out-Sourcing Businesses Security

Whether your business is a veteran with decades of industry experience or a tech start-up a few months into its conception, you could both easily benefit from out-sourcing your security needs to professional commercial security services. Even if you already have an in-house security team of your own.

Out-sourcing your businesses security might seem unnecessary if you already have an in-house team. You might even think the very idea is completely pointless. And if you’re a fresh-faced start-up you might be thinking hiring your own when you’re ready will be the better option.

But you’re both wrong and I’ll explain why commercial security services can be so beneficial to both veterans and start-ups alike. First let’s look at it from each perspective, shall we?

How Veteran Businesses Can Benefit!

If you’re a business that’s been around for a long time you might think you’ve seen it all and are prepared for everything. But the business world is always changing and it’s impossible to prepare for every possible threat when new ones are born every year.

That’s why hiring commercial security services can be so beneficial to veteran business because it allows you to get those experienced security professionals right away, in the meantime, you can focus on training your in-house team. With the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve hired a team ready to deal with everything in the meantime.

It’s a common misconception that hiring commercial security services is only going to be beneficial if you don’t already have an in-house team. You can easily utilise the benefits of both and you can out-source to commercial security services for many reasons.

To give one common example if you are hosting a business event you’ll need a greater security presence, won’t you? If your in-house team can’t fully cover the security needs, then you can always hire commercial security services and the two teams can work together. 

How New Start-Ups Can Benefit!

So, how can the humble start-up business benefit from out-sourcing their security needs to commercial security service providers? The best benefit is undoubtedly having immediate access to experienced, security guards and teams which can allow your business to grow at a much faster rate.

When you set-up your business you will have a lot of costs to cover and naturally won’t be able to get everything you need straightaway unless you have a lot of funds available to cover costs. This means you’ll have to prioritise and certain things will have just have to wait and unfortunately one of the things many people struggle to pay for straightaway is security.

You might be able to get some very basic things in place but that’s all which is why out-sourcing to a commercial security services team is so beneficial because you can get that invaluable, experienced security team right away. You’ll also have immediate access to customised commercial security for your start-up. 

So, you’ll only pay for what you need and when you actually need it whether it’s for monitoring and alarms, loss prevention or access control to name just a few of the service available. New start-ups are at risk to many things, but basic security doesn’t have to be one of them and by utilising commercial security services it doesn’t have to be.

Businesses In The Middle Can Benefit As Well! 

We always split businesses into two groups, don’t we? There’s the new start-ups and the experienced veterans, while these make up a big part of the business world there’s plenty of businesses in the middle that don’t fit into either group.

These middle-ground businesses can benefit from out-sourcing to commercial security service providers for many of the same reasons though. Even if you have an in-house team utilising the services of a commercial security provider can help you get access to more coverage.

This is incredibly useful for corporate business events or for getting security cover outside the usual 9 to 5 working hours. It will also just like with a start-up business allow your business to grow more efficiently and by covering your security needs by out-sourcing you can focus your efforts on growing and maintaining your business.

So, business or any size or shape can certainly benefit from utilising commercial security services in a variety of ways. Even if you already have your own in-house security team or security guards they can work alongside them and if you don’t then by out-sourcing you will get immediate access to highly trained, experienced security professionals.

Let’s Look At Some Key Benefits

So, now that I’ve talked about how businesses can benefit from using commercial security services let’s look at some of the key benefits in more details below.

Customisable Care

By hiring commercial security services you’ll only pay for what you actually need, for example, if your regular security team is undertaking training for a few weeks and you need professional security cover then you can use utilise commercial security services for just that.

Offers A Much Faster Alternative

Hiring even a small security team can take a long time which is why it’s often much faster to simply out-source to a commercial security services provider. You’ll get an experienced team of security professionals without needing to do any of the time-consuming work yourself.

Quality Ambassadors of Your Business

Just because any security guards/ professionals your get from a commercial security service provider aren’t technically your in-house team it doesn’t mean they aren’t a representative of your business. In fact, in many ways, they are just that and thanks to their experience and training you can be sure they will be ambassadors you can be proud of.

Complete Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit to utilising commercial security services is that it will give you complete peace of mind. Because you know you’ll be getting highly-trained security professionals to deal with all the day to day security needs of your business.

Whether you need them for a few months or simply for a few weeks by using commercial security services you can ensure your business is always protected.

Market Madness: What to expect from Marketing in 2018

Market Madness 620x315 - Market Madness: What to expect from Marketing in 2018

Any follower of technological advances will feel grateful to be alive today. In this age, people are lucky enough to be given the chance to compare what we have today to the gadgets that were introduced all those years ago. The advancements that technology has experienced had its own self to thank for as well.

The rise in technology has also given birth to a surge in marketing techniques—particularly digital marketing. Take a look at what aid technology has given to marketing.

Improved AI// Are you using mass-product manufacturing in your business? Have you employed a lot of people to do this? In 2018, it is said that these people are in danger of losing their jobs. While today, some people are only required to operate machinery, as AI improves, the need for them is slowly being phased out too. A markedly-improved AI will attest to that.

Cloud computing// Businesses used to rely on processes that took weeks or even months to finish because information flowed rather slowly. As time passes by and we reach this year, cloud computing is set to take processes to even greater heights. What took months or weeks to finish can be done in just a few days or even a day thanks to real-time accomplishments through the cloud.

Automation// Even as AI is struggling to catch up to automation, it is already in play in most manufacturing companies. Businesses and day-to-day processes are already improved because of it. You can see it every day—on train stations, in product delivery systems, and even when doing data entry. The problem, however, is that this will ease out jobs that people used to do.

Thinking, learning machines// Machines have become much more reliable today than the clunky experimental ones before them. Today, with the advent of AI and connectivity, signals reach these machines even faster. Eventually, signals and people who control them will give way to complicated AI controlling the machines—AI that evolves, adapts, and takes in best practices.

E-Commerce// With cloud computing, it’s even easier for people to buy products and for services to sell theirs. The Internet has become a digital marketplace not only of ideas but of products as well. Amazon, eBay, and sellers similar to them have almost replaced brick-and-mortar stores as preferred places to buy items.

Who knows what else the future holds? We have no idea, but we can only speculate. One thing is for certain—technology is moving at a fast pace and businesses should adapt to that or risk getting left behind.

7 Great Benefits of Investing In HR Software

the best hr software of 2018 qhsb 620x315 - 7 Great Benefits of Investing In HR Software

the best hr software of 2018 qhsb - 7 Great Benefits of Investing In HR Software

In the past, when HR departments and personnel wanted digitised records of employees, the only option open to them was an on-site HR system that only a few people, HR admin staff members, had access to. Today though, things are lot easier and there are HR software for small businesses that exist in the cloud and that can be easily accessed by employees through their internet connection. This has considerably reduced the the obstructions in the way of adoption.

Interestingly, there are still a lot of businesses that manage their employees using a rudimental and fairly disorganised array of post-notes, documents and spreadsheets. With all of the above in mind then, given that you have two options open to you – go alone and do it the old fashioned way or invest in one of the modern cloud-based platforms. Why should you go with the latter though? We discuss 7 of the major benefits of using HR software below.

Administration Efficiency

If your workforce consists of more than a dozen or so people, it can be something of a nightmare trying to keep track of the most basic information about employees – specifically if you are relying on a paper-based, offline system. Very uncomplicated questions like ‘Can you give me a copy of the last three payslips I’ve received?’ and ‘How many of my allowed holidays have I actually taken so far?’ transform into issues that take up a lot of your time and effort. This is why many companies opt for HR software that lays all this information out in easy to use modules and areas.

Lowers Costs

Along with the not so tangible costs of productivity or efficiency, a good quality HR software platform will help lower your day to day expenditure. On average, there usually is at least one professional HR staff member to every 100 employees. When you implement some of the HR software solutions available at the moment, the ratio is increased to 1 professional HR individual for every 140 employees. This means that if your business employed 280 members of staff, you would need one less professional HR individual to manage the company’s employee data, meaning that you can reduce your outgoings by tens of thousands every year.

Information Access

Silos of information is what you essentially create when you rely too heavily on just documents and spreadsheets for keeping track of information about your employees. Although you have to pay close attention to the security and sensitivity of the data about your employees that you hold, when you make it accessible to specific people using a high quality, well-designed HR software platform, you give people the chance to make better use of the data held about your employees.

Informed Decisions and Data Analysis

When you start collecting data, it can help you to make better, more informed decisions as it opens up opportunities for analysis. Say for instance, you discover a department in your company has a much higher turnover rate of employees than other departments, you will obviously be intrigued as to why that was happening. Were all the leavers working at the same time under the same supervisor or line manager? Who was the individual in question? Could they benefit from a training session or two? Who are the top salespeople for your company and what are the characteristics that contribute to their success? Did they all start working for you at the same time and did they come from the same recruitment agency? Did they all work under the same supervisor or boss? Have they all went to the same training course?

When you collect data, the information can be used to help you make better decisions.

Communication Improvements

Directories of employees, often past and present, are included in the majority of HR software platforms. Although most employees work in the same teams with the same people and form close ties to them and are privy their contact details, there will be times when they need the guidance and advice from employees in other departments. If the information about contact details is only stored in an off-line filing cabinet which can  sow down your work quite a lot.

Mitigating Risk

When any kind of legal dispute is issued, how are you going to prove that a particular employee had the relevant training for using a specific piece of equipment or fully aware of the new policies? While many will use email, and this is a perfectly acceptable form of communication, for this kind of matter, an employee could easily just say they didn’t see the email.Interestingly, most modern HR platforms feature a facility for reading and accepting messages that can provide proof that not only was a specific employee sent a message, but that they also had read and therefore, accepted the the terms and contents of the message.

Disaster Recovery and Security

How secure is the personal data about your employees that you keep on record if it is held in a filing cabinet with a simple lock? Although the lock might show evidence of tampering if it was broken, what if someone had access to a key and gained unauthorised access to the information – how would you know?

Security is just one side of things though, because what if there was an accident like flooding or a fire and you are not able to get into the office for some time? Are your staff still going to receive their pay even if all the information pertaining to payroll is stored in a filing cabinet in the office? Most modern HR software solutions feature some kind of disaster recovery element and capabilities. This could be in the form of the HR platform being hosted by mirrored servers and keeping the backups of the database in different, secure locations so that the whole system can be put back in place in virtually no time at all, regardless of how bad the disaster is or was.


Technological Revolution: A Surge in Technology towards 2018

Technological Revolution 620x315 - Technological Revolution: A Surge in Technology towards 2018

Each year has been exciting for us. Fortunate enough to live in a time when advancements are being made by the day, we have seen how business decisions have changed because of technology; how computers and tech in general have evolved from being chunky to sleek; and how marketing has evolved because of new players.

Technology becomes even more amazing by the day. Here are a few pieces of tech that have become available through innovation and the forces of technology’s charge towards the future.

5G/ Right now, we have 4G as the highest wireless technology available. It is expected, however, that in the future, 5G will become the highest standard wireless connection. 5G was introduced in the CES 2018 and it claims that it will be a big benefit in today’s times, where wireless connections have become a big deal.

AI, Artificial Intelligence/ In 2017, the discussion for Artificial Intelligence and how big it will become in the coming years started. It was predicted that it would be playing a bigger role in automation and efficiency of work, where machines will inevitably replace humans in the workforce. It is expected that this year, the introduction of key processes—conversational ability and process explanation—will start.

Cryptocurrency/ As the revolution has already begun when Bitcoin and similar crypto-money like it had a big surge last year, it is expected that the surge will continue and will eventually stay level in a good value. There’s nothing suggesting it slowing down, although it won’t likely reach values as high as it did last year.

AR, Augmented Reality/ The age of the messages depicting Leia asking General Kenobi for help has finally arrived. This year, it is said that Augmented Reality will have a more important role in everything. From on-site depictions of buildings before they are finished to merchants peddling their wares, Augmented Reality is expected to permeate into everything that needs demonstration.

AI, Bots/ Before, bots were only used in games and pranks to automate doing such things. This year, along with the improvement of AI, bots are said to be part of it as well. The ways AI will take over redundant positions still manned by humans are the way bots will be introduced, like in airport announcements or receiving agents in customer service kiosks.

Smart Cities/ Taking the cake is, finally, smart cities, like in hyper-futuristic films. These smart cities will have everything automated and will also feature a strong inter-connection through a high-connectivity grid. Everything, from commuting to food deliveries, is expected to be made easier by this.

The future has definitely arrived. However, it’s still up to use what we make of the future that is constantly approaching. By applying tech as a force for good rather than to steal or undermine people, it will gain popularity as help rather than hindrance or threat.

workplace tech - Technological Revolution: A Surge in Technology towards 2018
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