Technological Revolution: A Surge in Technology towards 2018

Each year has been exciting for us. Fortunate enough to live in a time when advancements are being made by the day, we have seen how business decisions have changed because of technology; how computers and tech in general have evolved from being chunky to sleek; and how marketing has evolved because of new players.

Technology becomes even more amazing by the day. Here are a few pieces of tech that have become available through innovation and the forces of technology’s charge towards the future.

5G/ Right now, we have 4G as the highest wireless technology available. It is expected, however, that in the future, 5G will become the highest standard wireless connection. 5G was introduced in the CES 2018 and it claims that it will be a big benefit in today’s times, where wireless connections have become a big deal.

AI, Artificial Intelligence/ In 2017, the discussion for Artificial Intelligence and how big it will become in the coming years started. It was predicted that it would be playing a bigger role in automation and efficiency of work, where machines will inevitably replace humans in the workforce. It is expected that this year, the introduction of key processes—conversational ability and process explanation—will start.

Cryptocurrency/ As the revolution has already begun when Bitcoin and similar crypto-money like it had a big surge last year, it is expected that the surge will continue and will eventually stay level in a good value. There’s nothing suggesting it slowing down, although it won’t likely reach values as high as it did last year.

AR, Augmented Reality/ The age of the messages depicting Leia asking General Kenobi for help has finally arrived. This year, it is said that Augmented Reality will have a more important role in everything. From on-site depictions of buildings before they are finished to merchants peddling their wares, Augmented Reality is expected to permeate into everything that needs demonstration.

AI, Bots/ Before, bots were only used in games and pranks to automate doing such things. This year, along with the improvement of AI, bots are said to be part of it as well. The ways AI will take over redundant positions still manned by humans are the way bots will be introduced, like in airport announcements or receiving agents in customer service kiosks.

Smart Cities/ Taking the cake is, finally, smart cities, like in hyper-futuristic films. These smart cities will have everything automated and will also feature a strong inter-connection through a high-connectivity grid. Everything, from commuting to food deliveries, is expected to be made easier by this.

The future has definitely arrived. However, it’s still up to use what we make of the future that is constantly approaching. By applying tech as a force for good rather than to steal or undermine people, it will gain popularity as help rather than hindrance or threat.

workplace tech - Technological Revolution: A Surge in Technology towards 2018
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