Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for

It’s quite an exciting time to be alive now. With each year, technology just seems to grow faster. It was only some years ago when cellphones and smartphones were introduced and it seems a better, faster model comes out each year. If this is true, the same must also be happening for tech trends and how they are applied in business.

In the world of tech, it’s either you evolve or you’re left behind. Here now are some of the trendsexpected to become reality this year.


A Trillion Dollars

A Trillion Dollars - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
The only mark that is left to surpass for most businesses is the trillion dollar mark. It isn’t as easy to make it as it is to spend it—ask government. Tech titans like Apple or Google—the Fortune 500 crowd—are predicted to make the breach sooner rather than later this year. The question to ask is who gets to the finish line first, so to speak? This marks a more powerful presence for these corporate giants.


A Powerful Computer

A Powerful Computer - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
It has long been joked that 2018 and beyond will see the rise of AI powerful enough to pose a threat just like the fictional SkyNet did. While personal computers are displaying the growth of power in that sector, business supercomputers are predicted to have more computing power than they currently have. Expect people


Flying Cars

Flying Cars - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
Electric, efficient cars have slowly made their mark on the general motoring scene in 2017. In 2018, it’s expected that the next leap will be to create the first flying car. Of course, new rules will have to be made as cars take to the skies, what with Dubai reported to be leading the race with the introduction of their alleged flying taxi service. Even now, competitors are testing out their models to see who takes the figurative and literal first leap.


Younger Politics

Younger Politics - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took headlines as the face of a new generation leading the charge in taking important positions that shape global trends. While he isn’t the first to do so, he certainly won’t be the last. Business is also expected to grow younger—Mark Zuckerberg as the head of social media giant Facebook is only the beginning.


Dynamic Business Models

Dynamic Business Models - Updated: New Year, New Tech Trends to Look out for
The recent years have seen a trend pointing toward traditional platform-only business models becoming obsolete. The success of ride-sharing company Uber and Grab, for that matter, as well as AirBnB has seen to that. In the future, expect more companies to adapt to the changing of times—smarter, more efficient ways of business making may make their mark on the landscape as early as next month.

This is how business is shaping up. More efficient models mean more profit; more techsmean more money coming in. How business will look like in the coming years is still up in the air, but its progress surely is exciting to watch.

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