Consumer Tech: Technology for Mass Consumption in 2018

If you’re reading this, then you might think of 2017 as a kind of ‘bridge year’ where technology has progressed. This year, however, it is expected that technology will finally make the leap toward becoming a reality. There are a lot of things that have been planned that will finally be seen.

As for consumer technology, here are a few things that you might soon see as a norm.

In-store, Field Management// robots are already among us, believe it or not. Among the first to use them in consumer applications is Wal-Mart. They are already using shelf-scanners to review and replenish inventory as they run out. Before we know it, robots may also be deployed to man POS machines as well as assisting in other chores, like manning traffic and assisting elderly and disabled people.

AR over VR// Virtual reality has been around through the years and it has been picking up steam recently. However, it’s augmented reality that’s taking the cake as the next technology to enjoy widespread application. Augmented reality is easier to use and set-up and it’s also an easier tech to understand.

Automated Customer Experience// Customer is king in most applications and that’s what customer experience is trying to cater to. With AI becoming more intelligent, it’s reported that customer experience will also become an intimate affair—customers will enjoy a personalized experience through the AI algorithm understanding their preferences through their clicks, likes, and sites visited.

The Internet of Things// If you told someone back in the 2000s that the Internet of Things will be a normal concept in 2018, they’d think it’s still a bit too early. However, it’s fast becoming a normal thing, and perhaps, it’s arrived way too early. IoT is still not as widespread as it should be but it’s quickly overcoming barriers.

eCommerce// Business will be done through recommendations and in 2018, it’s going to become even bigger. Apps like Alexa and others require voice-activation and use it to adjust to your likes through searches. Reportedly, voice retail will become a thing, with more and more businesses looking to cash in on the convenience of transacting through such a platform.

The way things are going and the way technology is becoming a needed thing in everyday life, we may be seeing more innovations arriving. Technology is truly fascinating and we are fortunate to be in a position to witness humanity create even more amazing stuff this year and beyond.


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