Market Madness: What to expect from Marketing in 2018

Any follower of technological advances will feel grateful to be alive today. In this age, people are lucky enough to be given the chance to compare what we have today to the gadgets that were introduced all those years ago. The advancements that technology has experienced had its own self to thank for as well.

The rise in technology has also given birth to a surge in marketing techniques—particularly digital marketing. Take a look at what aid technology has given to marketing.

Improved AI// Are you using mass-product manufacturing in your business? Have you employed a lot of people to do this? In 2018, it is said that these people are in danger of losing their jobs. While today, some people are only required to operate machinery, as AI improves, the need for them is slowly being phased out too. A markedly-improved AI will attest to that.

Cloud computing// Businesses used to rely on processes that took weeks or even months to finish because information flowed rather slowly. As time passes by and we reach this year, cloud computing is set to take processes to even greater heights. What took months or weeks to finish can be done in just a few days or even a day thanks to real-time accomplishments through the cloud.

Automation// Even as AI is struggling to catch up to automation, it is already in play in most manufacturing companies. Businesses and day-to-day processes are already improved because of it. You can see it every day—on train stations, in product delivery systems, and even when doing data entry. The problem, however, is that this will ease out jobs that people used to do.

Thinking, learning machines// Machines have become much more reliable today than the clunky experimental ones before them. Today, with the advent of AI and connectivity, signals reach these machines even faster. Eventually, signals and people who control them will give way to complicated AI controlling the machines—AI that evolves, adapts, and takes in best practices.

E-Commerce// With cloud computing, it’s even easier for people to buy products and for services to sell theirs. The Internet has become a digital marketplace not only of ideas but of products as well. Amazon, eBay, and sellers similar to them have almost replaced brick-and-mortar stores as preferred places to buy items.

Who knows what else the future holds? We have no idea, but we can only speculate. One thing is for certain—technology is moving at a fast pace and businesses should adapt to that or risk getting left behind.

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